Friday, September 18, 2009

MOdification Yamaha Scorpio

MOdification Yamaha ScorpioNew Scorpio is Star Sign for Yamaha

There’s a new star on the horizon, a motorcycle that blends style with substance and economy with reliability.

And you don’t have to be Mystic Meg to know that the new Scorpio is rising out of the Yamaha stable.

Combining genuine sporting appeal and real world usability the Yamaha Scorpio not only has the user friendliness and practicality to keep new riders happy, it also has enough performance to entertain more experienced riders.

The combination of a newly developed strong and reliable four-stroke SOHC engine, lightweight chassis, super responsive steering and easy-to-use controls makes the Scorpio a breeze for new riders.

Plus with the ability to turn on a five cent piece, enough power to beat the four-wheelers away from the lights and a miserly appetite for fuel, the Scorpio makes an excellent urban commuter.

Features include powerful front disc brake, electric and kick start operation, easy to read tacho and speedo incorporating a fuel gauge, slick shifting five speed gearbox and plush dualseat with passenger grab-rail.