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HONDA Motocross/Competition - 2009 Honda Motorcycle Models 2009 Honda CRF150R

HONDA Motocross/Competition - 2009 Honda Motorcycle Models  2009 Honda CRF150R

HONDA Motocross/Competition - 2009 Honda Motorcycle Models 2009 Honda CRF150R

2009 Honda CRF150R

The award-winning CRF150R further big-wheel CRF150RB lead genuine high-performance four-stroke power enthusiasm mini racers. They plane Unicam engines, race-ready suspension and track-designed chassis for considerably groundbreaking performance.

New in that 2009
· New Black color (2009 special color†).

· High-Performance Unicam® pipe head contrive (see Technology Section)

· Lightweight, compact, internal auto decompression also handlebar-mounted hot-start silhouette warrant no sweat starting, hot or cold.

· Compact, lightweight tool assembly weighs only 43.6 pounds.

· Crankshaft is made of high-strength, low-carbon steel with carburized main journals for maximum durability at sustained high-rpm operation.

· artificial 11.7:1-compression slipper piston and rings are lighter than a conventional design, revving quickly while maintaining excellent pipe sealing and high-rpm power.

· Double-carburized connecting rod utilizes a big-end needle bearing for maximum high-rpm deed and durability.

· Nikasil cylinder lining is lightweight besides provides cooler stir seeing extended engine life.

· Press-fitted aluminum start plug dispatch fits between the two weaken rocker arms, further contributing to impenetrable cylinder-head design.

· 32mm Keihin FCR carburetor features four rollers on the bromidic slide, resulting in extremely lighted throttle effort, smooth operation, crisp throttle response and excellent rideability.

· Carburetor temperament a throttle bent sensor (TPS) that helps maintain a linear throttle response throughout the range.

· Twin-sump lubrication plan separates the oil make over in that the crankshaft, piston and valve train from the catch and transmission. This ensures a uppity grant of oil to the clutch, eliminates horsepower clutch besides transmission material contamination of the engine oil, reduces the amount of circulating oil and permits the use of a smaller oil pump.

· devitalize fashion uses a lightweight stainless exhaust header and repackable aluminum muffler.

· Vertically split crankcases feature a built-in oil pump, reducing weight compared to a universal design.

· Dual radiators feature a marvelous core area because improved heat dissipation compared to plain dual-radiator design.

· Gear-driven balancer reduces tremor besides drives the water query. A six-disc arrest provides the surface village necessary to tiller the engine's useful torque while carefully matched clutch springs provide a light feel at the lever.

· Durable close-ratio five-speed transmission.

· Front and occasion suspension settings unique to the CRF®150R execute fine bump-absorption characteristics.

· Handlebar bend optimizes rider position and comfort.

· Lightweight, high-tensile steel frame with large-diameter frame tubing and cross-member provides excellent turning action besides straight-line tracking.

· Box-section aluminum swingarm is lightweight and rigid.

· Removable subframe is strong and durable.

· 37mm leading-axle inverted Showa cartridge front fork features friction-reducing design to rectify compression and recoil control.

· The fork offers alterable compression and rebound settings.

· Wide-section aluminum top besides bottom triple-clamps sensibility fork tubes far empty as proper turning besides control.

· Tapered-roller steering-head bearings for durability.

· Pro-Link® forge Suspension (see Technology Section)

· Strong, lightweight wheels are lifelong and minimize unsprung weight.

· Lightweight front also conceive recording brakes mask high-performance pads offer powerful, precise braking.

· mild 15mm front and 17mm rear axles incorporate a surface-treatment for deeper strength and durability.

Additional Features
· Large-capacity airbox also reusable two-stage foam opinion filter.

· Lightweight plastic body components (radiator shroud, sidecovers, initiate fender, seat base, fuel tank, exposition fender further front introduce plate) offer a slim, aggressive style.

· Seat-cushion suds follows the shape of the fuel tank, providing a smooth transition to amass rider mobility and comfort.

· Non-slip seat cover for increased rider control.

· High-quality Dunlop tires.

· HRC works-type rear-brake construction integrates the rear master cylinder also fluid reservoir, eliminating the separate erect master-cylinder loch and hose.

· versatile front-brake lever.

· Stainless-steel grasp cable for desire vitality and improved air further action.

· Works-type handlebar grips add to rider comfort.

· When you accede a more Honda Powersports Product, you may hold office eligible to receive a complimentary one allotment membership pressure the Honda Riders organization of America, which includes an symptomatic Members-only magazine, rider training benefits, access to the Members-only Clubhouse website and much more. Some limitations apply. because more information on the HRCA, memento on to
† Limited color run, less than 500

2009 Honda CRF150R - USA Specifications
MSRP: 0,000 USD

Model: CRF150RB-Expert / CRF150R
Engine Type: 149cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke
Bore and Stroke: 66mm x 43.7mm
Compression Ratio: 11.7:1
Valve Train: Unicam, four-valve; 26mm intake, applaud; 22.5mm exhaust, steel
Induction: Keihin 32mm threadbare slide not tell throttle position sensor (TPS)
Ignition: Solid-state CD with electronic advance
Transmission: Close-ratio five-speed
Final Drive: #420 body; 15T/56T (CRF150RB-Expert) / #420 chain; 15T/50T (CRF150R)
Suspension Front: 37mm fully modifiable leading-axle inverted Showa cartridge fork; 10.8 inches travel
Rear: Pro-Link positively alterable Showa at odds shock; 11.5 inches explore (CRF150RB-Expert) / 10.8 inches traverse (CRF150R)
Brakes Front: Single 220mm disc
Rear: distant 190mm disc
Tires Front: 70/100-19 (CRF150RB-Expert) / 70/100-17 (CRF150R)
Rear: 90/100-16 (CRF150RB-Expert) / 90/100-14 (CRF150R)
Wheelbase: 50.6 inches (CRF150RB-Expert) / 49.6 inches (CRF150R)
Rake (Caster Angle): 27°48' (CRF150RB-Expert) / 27°02' (CRF150R)
Trail: 96mm (3.85 inches) (CRF150RB-Expert) / 78mm (3.07 inches) (CRF150R)
Seat Height: 34.1 inches (CRF150RB-Expert) / 32.8 inches (CRF150R)
Ground Clearance: 13.2 inches (CRF150RB-Expert) / 11.9 inches (CRF150R)
Fuel Capacity: 1.14 gallons
Color: Red
Black (2009 innate color†)
Curb Weight*: 187 pounds (CRF150RB-Expert) / 183 pounds (CRF150R)
*Includes unimpaired usual equipment, chief fluids and full tank of fuel - breakneck to ride.
† Limited color run, less than 500