Friday, September 18, 2009

Modif Fairing Honda CBR 150 R

Modif Fairing Honda CBR 150 R

Modif Fairing Honda CBR 150 RFor some people, fairing Honda CBR 150 R that has still not top it. Dissatisfied with the sticker and paint, there are also special fairing CBR 150 R, so that a bit more bloated with two front lights sipit, may be free like a Honda CBR 1000 fireblade in 2007 or a Yamaha R6.

For those who desire a motor such as in photos, please stop by to Zaneta still in Long Street, near the location of the current workshop pro bike Bajaj dealer. Prepare the dough 27 million if you have a Honda CBR 150 R and willing to modify this motorcycle. If you want no-modify wait me and want to buy "xxx" exactly as in the photo, can also, it costs 42 million.

Motor modify expensive this is I see from about 2 months ago, or perhaps longer. IMHO I really to modify CBR 150 R, because the original is good, cleanly, modern and lean! Thus because of the CBR to thin this mini-match in Jakarta was easy because the bottleneck come through Jakarta.