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Moto Morini corsaro Veloce Motorcycles

Moto Morini corsaro Veloce Motorcycles

Moto Morini corsaro Veloce Motorcycles

Moto Morini corsaro Veloce Motorcycles

Photographs, images, images and wallpapers of Motor bike Morini Corsaro Swift. Moto Morini is an Italian manufacturer of the motor bikes. It was founded by Alfonso Morini in Bologna, in 1937. Earlier, Morini had also manufactured motor bikes like Mario Mazzetti under the name of the millimetre. Morini concerned the ordering of Cagiva in 1987, then in 1996 raised of the Pacifique group of Texas, which had also bought Ducati, and in April 1999, the lines with the name were bought by the thermal spa of Morini Franco Motori, a company founded by Morini 'nephew of S in 1954.

Honda Valkyrie Motorcycles

Honda Valkyrie Motorcycles

Honda Valkyrie Motorcycles

Honda Valkyrie Motorcycles

Photographs, images, images and wallpapers of Honda Valkyrie. Honda Valkyrie is a motor bike which was manufactured by Honda, of the years models 1997-2003. It was indicated GL1500C in the market of the United States and F6C on other markets. The engine of Valkyrie is an engine cooled by an opposite liquid horizontalememnt of boxer of six cylinders 1520cc transplanted of Honda 'model of S Goldwing. It was not very common since the majority motor bikes of cruiser model were based on a design V-binocular of engine similar to the engine of Harley-Davidson. In its clerk's office of Goldwing, the most notable changes of engine were the camshaft and the change with six carburettors of the individual 28mm, for each cylinder. These modifications were made to increase the power and the couple. These changes also gave to the engine a little more character by giving him a single noise.

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2008 Honda VTX 1800F Motorcycles

2008 Honda VTX 1800F Motorcycles

2008 Honda VTX 1800F Motorcycles

2008 Honda VTX 1800F Motorcycles

2008 Honda VTX 1800F Motorcycles

Characteristics of Honda VTX1800F 2008:
Category: Cruiser

Type of engine: 1795cc 52� cooled by a liquid V-twin
Annoying and race: 101mm X 112mm
Compression ratio: 9.0:1
Train of valve: SOHC, three valves per cylinder
Induction: PGM-FI with the automatic reel
Lighting: Digitals, two plugs spark by cylinder

Gear box:
Transmission: Five-speed
Order final: Center

Suspension before: fork reversed by 45mm; 4.3 inches of voyage
Back suspension: Shocks duels with the adjustability of initial load of spring of five-position; 3.9 inches of voyage
Brakes before: Combine the disc of 296mm with gauges of three-piston of books
Back brake: Choose the disc of 316mm with the gauge of twin-piston of books
Face the tires: radial 130/70R- 18
Tires back: radial 180/55R- 18

Rake: (Angle of caster): 31� 45.
Trail: 144mm (5.7 inches)
Footing: 65.7 inches
Cut of seat: 27.6 inches
Weight of edge: 774 pounds
Fuel capacity: 4.8 gallons

Hyosung Motorcycle GT650R 2007

Hyosung Motorcycle GT650R 2007

Hyosung Motorcycle GT650R 2007

Hyosung Motorcycle GT650R 2007

Hyosung Motorcycle GT650R 2007

Specifications 2007 of Hyosung WP 650R:

Category: Superb sport

Engine: 4 race, DOHC, 8 valve, water-cooled, roll v-2
Displacement: 647 DC
Carburettor: TYPE BDSR39
System of starter: Electric
Clutch: Wet type of Multi-Dish
Reducer of transmission: 6 speeds

Suspension: (Frankly) Telescopic, arm of the oscillation (rr)
Brakes: (Frankly) Double disc, disc (rr)
Tires: (Frankly) 120/60-ZR 17 55W, (RR) 160/60-ZR 17 69W

Length: 2.060 millimetres
Width: 655 millimetres
Cut: 1.125 millimetres
Ground clearance: 130 millimetres
Base of wheel: 1.435 millimetres
Cut of seat: 780 millimetres
The mass dries: 200 kilogrammes
Capacity of fuel tank: 17.0 liters

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Modifikasi Suzuki motor Hayabusa

Hayabusa 1300

Ultimate Sport, In Timeless Styling

Unique, timeless styling sculpted for wind-cheating aerodynamics. Long-distance comfort with effortless acceleration and sporty handling. A full 1340cm3 of broad, muscular torque. The Hayabusa 1300. A two-wheeled legend in a class of its own, defining balanced performance, defining Ultimate Sport.

Suzuki brought out the new 2008 Suzuki Hayabusa and there is more displacement, 1340cc versus the old 1299cc. Like the new B-King, the rider can choose between engine settings, but the Hayabusa rider has a choice of three instead of the B-King’s two, there’s probably something labeled “light speed” on the Hayabusa.

A Hayabusa with more power is certainly no surprise and if you are riding a ZX-14 you may want to check your mirrors, objects may be a lot closer than they appear, … and about to pass. We’ll see. suzuki hayabusa chabge body and part after modifikasi

B king of Suzuki


Power. Styling. The one and only.

Revolutionary overwhelming styling. High-tech chassis. Fuel-injected and power-packed 1340c m 3 inline-four engine producing prodigious torque and breathtaking acceleration across the entire rpm range. A motorcycle with strong, muscular personality. With high-performance DNA. genuine SuzukiThe B-King. The one and only.

Suzuki Skywave 650 limiter editions

General information
Model: Suzuki Skywave 650 LX
Year: 2005
Category: Scooter
Rating: 64.1 out of 100. Show full rating and compare with other bikes
Safety: See our safety campaign with the high safety rated bikes in this category.
Engine and transmission
Displacement: 638.00 ccm (38.93 cubic inches)
Engine type: Twin
Stroke: 4
Power: 49.61 HP (36.2 kW))
Torque: 60.00 Nm (6.1 kgf-m or 44.3 ft.lbs)
Fuel control: DOHC
Cooling system: Liquid
Gearbox: 5-speed
Physical measures
Wheelbase: 1,595 mm (62.8 inches)
Chassis and dimensions
Frame type: Pipe under bone
Speed and acceleration
Other specifications
Fuel capacity: 15.00 litres (3.96 gallons)
Comments: Model for the Japanese marked.
Further information
Parts and accessories Check out parts and accessories from our partners. Suzuki Skywave 650 LX accessories
Ask questions Join the 05 Suzuki Skywave 650 LX discussion group,
the new Suzuki forum at or
the new Scooter forum at
Insurance, loans, tests Check out insurance here. Search the web for dealers, loan costs, tests, customizing, etc.
Related bikes List related bikes for comparison of specs

Custom home modification Tauco never absent motor in the event OTOBURSA Tumplek tin OTOMOTIF GROUP. On OTOBURSA weeks ago, TC memajang 3 motor. It's Suzuki Thunder 125, FXR and Honda Tiger.

"he have 5 new patients can be of otobursa. If all I have received many. Do not Thouch i afraid, "said Topo Goedhel Admotjo,

Topo exhibit one of the paper spektakulernya. Suzuki Skywave Shorty. Topo call shorty because bodinya durancang shrimp. "Later diliput a rubric," pintanya.
Unfortunetly Uabahan not 100 percent okay. Cat is not yet final and the speedometer has not been installed. A unique modification in the Skywave limited editions 2009 this Suspensi front and rear wheels. Topo words, quasi-use Piagio front rim and belekang have SOLUNA car.

Sky Wave II new

When news first Indomobil Suzuki International (ISI) will release Wave in the Sky with Indonesia banderole 14-15 million directly show that the price is too expensive when compared to the products of competitors matik scooter. However, when considering the name of Sky Wave simply envisaged scooter matik gambot. Ditelisik capacity persisnya in the range of 125 cc.Maka benchmark is the ideal Yamaha Majesty 125. Majesty series is a line of scooter touring garputala. The YMKI own product before removing the scooter Southeast Asia (Nouvo) had imported two scooter, glide, and Yamaha Majesty 125. Majesty own price when it is placed 24.3 million. Expensive? Relative. However, the money will be segitu original Japanese product, this is halah Deddy Mizwar in the ad. that mean is the product premium. Scooter class, whether in Indonesia will offer this product? When only the cost issue for the 15 million silver scooter touring.


fitur auto choke, aka automatic choke which is a feature not found standard competitors. Instead automatic choke lever style motor sport at the bar attached to the left. For those who do not to, in my clumsy candidate Honda Vario / Air Blade and Yamaha Nouvo.Namun already this feature should become standard scooter matik.

Menghidupkannya typical matik.Ritual press brake lever, and press the start button and then grengg with lajunya ... What? From a number of consumers is quite responsive. When used jauhpun not tiring. To reach top speed CVT typical motor throttle must be sorted for the wave speed. But to be able to be made is in the high rounds.

A clear, if the claim Yamaha Mio Soul as machonya product. But not for a guy that have a pocket Username makes more Sky Wave

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Biker Girls - You Go Girl!

Just random videos of women on bikes. It's great to see these wonderful ladies on the big bikes, burning rubber, hanging out with the gang or just simply showing some attitude. You REALLY go Girl!

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Hollywood Stars and their Bikes

A few Hollywood Stars are known for their penchant for motorcycles. It's difficult for them to go riding like us, none the less occasionally and often sniping out. Well, what they lack in privacy, they make up by buying exotics. Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and George Clooney are known to be bikers, well while Pitt and Clooney are more into riding, Tom like Jay Leno is more into collecting bikes. Here are some photos of Hollywood stars showing off their priced posessions. Also requesting if someone would have more photos or link so such a post, please send them over (my email is at the bottom of the page) so that I could add to these.
Added a few more below courtesy Double Oh Two

Tom Cruise on a Confederate Hellcat and on the Honda Rune (with wife Katie Holmes)

Keanu Reeves on a Norton Commander and a customized Harley Davidson

Ben Affeck on a Suzuki Gixxer and George Clooney on his customized Harley Davidson

Brad Pitt on his customized Harley Davidson and Ecosse Heretic

Jim Carrey on a Harley Davidson and Heidi Klum posing on a Harley CVO

Above 2 pics courtesy Double Oh Two. Thats Orlando Bloom and Eric Bana on DEUS customized bikes. Well, one is ofcourse the Monster, my guess on the second is a Speed Triple.
Correction - The bike Orlando Bloom is riding is not actually a Triumph Triple as I guessed, it's a SR500. I recieved a mail from BIKE EXIF main man Chris Hunter where he mentioned that "It's a very heavily customized Yamaha SR500 rather than a Street Triple, and the first Deus bike to end up in the USA." For a detail on the bike, visit the DUES SR500 Street Tracker link provided by Chris. One more thing, if you haven't subscribed to BIKE EXIF, you are REALLY missing something. Everyday you will recieve a mail with some very interesting finds and if you love to look at a bike and appreciate customized bikes, then BIKE EXIF is definitely for you. You will find a permanent link of BIKE EXIF in this blog (right side bottom) at BEST OF THE WEB.

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yamaha motocross

latest motocross
action right from the drivers of motocross yamaha, honda, suzuki and kawasaki Here we provide for you

some photos here is the result of engineering we do not have results and plagiarism of other people
in the new motokros remove by yamaha

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In The News - Nicky Hayden SE, RR Auction, WDW

The following came in my mail through the subscribed newsletter
Ducati North America is proud to announce the 848 Nicky Hayden Edition. This striking livery places a distinctly American stamp on the market's best middleweight sport bike. The 848 Nicky Hayden was publically unveiled at the 2009 Red Bull United States Grand Prix at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, where Nicky’s MotoGP race bike was presented in a matching scheme. There could be no better time or place to celebrate the American World Champion than at his home race on the 4th of July.
This US-exclusive model features an American inspired paint scheme, aptly fit for its introduction on the 4th of July, personally autographed gas tank, and model updates for the 2010 year. Check out the video of the Nicky's photo shoot with the bike below!
The new Ducati 848 Nicky Hayden Edition enjoys all the performance advancements of the entire Superbike family, while adding its own innovations to redefine the middleweight sport bike class.
The words 'agile' and 'refined' aptly describe the 848. At 168kg (369lbs), the 848 is an amazing 20kg (44lbs) lighter than its predecessor.
Type: L-Twin cylinder, 4 valves per cylinder Desmodromic, liquid cooled
Displacement: 849.4 cc
Bore and stroke: 94 x 61.2 mm
Compression Ratio: 12:1
Power*: 134 hp - 98.5 kW @ 10000 RPM
Torque*: 70.8 ft-lb - 96 Nm @ 8250 RPM
Fuel system: Marelli electronic fuel injection, elliptical throttle bodies
Exhaust: Lightweight 2-1-2 system with catalytic converter and lambda probe. Twin stainless steel mufflers.
Emissions: 50-State-compliant
Gearbox: 6 speed
Ratio: 1st 37/15, 2nd 30/17, 3rd 28/20, 4th 26/22, 5th 24/23, 6th 23/24
Primary drive: Straight cut gears, Ratio 1.84:1
Final drive: Chain; Front sprocket 15; Rear sprocket 39
Clutch: Wet multiplate with hydraulic control
Notes: Power & torque data calculated using an inertia dynamometer.
Source : DUCATI through Newsletter


An example of “made in Italy” excellence will be showcased with pride at the G8 summit to be held in L’Aquila. The Ducati Desmosedici RR, a true icon of Italian technology and design, has been prepared with a special livery by Ducati and the Fiera Milano, a unique, one-off design.
The graphics, suggested by the Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, incorporate the G8 logo, emphasizing the choice to hold the upcoming summit, from 8 to 10 July, in L’Aquila, the city at the heart of the earthquake that hit the Abruzzo region on 6th April this year.
Ducati and the Fiera Milano accepted the invitation to design and create a special version of the most prestigious bike that Ducati has ever produced, the Desmosedici RR – a limited, numbered production run of only 1500 machines that sold out before the bikes were built.
A more emblematic and prestigious bike could not have been selected. The Desmosedici RR is a jewel in the crown of Italy’s motorcycle industry, and allows Ducati to compete and win on racetracks all over the world.
A bike derived from the MotoGP machine, it is the first real production bike to benefit from the technology and innovation gained by Ducati during its experience racing in the world MotoGP championship, a championship in which the Bologna-based manufacturer took the title with Casey Stoner in 2007.
The bike will be exhibited at L’Aquila, inside the building reserved for the representatives of the eight countries that will participate in the summit, as a testimonial of Italian ingenuity and technology. Once the summit concludes, the “Desmosedici RR – G8” will be handed over to the Fiera Milano and auctioned during the 2009 edition of the international EICMA motorcycle trade show, to take place from 10 to 15 November, with proceeds going towards the reconstruction of the Abruzzo region.
“We feel a very strong sense of belonging to the Italian community”, declared Gabriele Del Torchio, President of Ducati, “and it makes us very proud to be able to show what we do to the Heads of State and Government that will participate in the G8. At the same time we also want to contribute to the reconstruction of Abruzzo. Ducati and its employees have already shown solidarity in light of the Abruzzo tragedy. This important initiative, carried out with the Fiera Milano, allows us to help in a concrete way. One can count on our prestigious product, and on the strength and notoriety that a brand like Ducati possesses; Ducati is an ambassador of “made in Italy” the world over.”
The General Manager of the Fiera Milano S.p.A., Enrico Pazzali, commented, “we have collaborated with Ducati, to bring the Ducati Desmosedici RR to the world stage of the G8 summit, for two reasons. First and foremost out of solidarity for our fellow citizens affected by the terrible earthquake of the 6 April. The beautiful Desmosedici RR-G8 will be auctioned during the Eicma motorcycle show, to take place at Rho-Milano between the 10 and 15 November, and the money raised will go towards the reconstruction of the Abruzzo region. Our second motivation is also linked to Eicma 2009: to bring a shining example of Italian industrial excellence to the attention of opinion makers and consumers alike. A level of excellence that our company, Fiera Milano, also strives to adhere to.”
Source: DUCATI through Newsletter
World Ducati Week, September 2010. Save the date.
Warm up your engines and get your heart revving! The greatest Ducati gathering is coming back.
The planned date for motorcycle fans of all ages and nationalities to come together is September 2010 at the Misano World Circuit.
Four days of non-stop fun are planned: track sessions, official riders and stunts, evening parties, concerts, motorcycle tours, Ducati Factory and Museum visits, historical bikes exhibitions, conferences, and much more.
The World Ducati Week 2007, the amazing Desmodromic world celebration, was an unprecedented success. There were more than 50,000 presences throughout the event that saw Ducatisti from 28 different nations. WDW means World Ducati Week - the colossal worldwide Ducati rally of thousands of aficionados from dozens of nations.
A veritable legion of motorcyclists and motorcycle fans, meeting at the Misano World Circuit in Misano Adriatico, Italy to have fun and celebrate their love for bikes.
Since its first edition in 1998, the Misano World Circuit is the perfect backdrop for this celebration of everything that is Ducati. For the occasion, given the prevalence of the well-known main Ducati colour, the circuit turns red from tip to toe, reshaping itself into a "Red Planet" where Ducati fans feel completely at home.
The 2007 edition of WDW took place from 28th June to 1st July
Source: DUCATI through Newsletter and WORLD DUCATI WEEK