Tuesday, October 21, 2008

BSA Motor Classic

Later that day, I met up with Frank and Rowena of this parish and we chatted generally about life, cats, the universe and bikes. I brought up the subject of my hunt for a Beam, and mentioned my unfortunate find that day. Frank nodded knowingly.
'Forget the Sunbeam. You'll hate it. It's slow, doesn't handle well and is fragile. What you want is a nice Triumph, or maybe a BSA. How about an Ariel?'
'No,' I protested; 'Everyone rides a Triumph. You ask any Johnny Foreigner to name three British bikes and they'll always come up with Triumph, BSA or Norton. I want something different - something, oh, unusual - shaft drive preferably'. My perversion for shaft drives is well known.
'Get yourself a T3 - nobody on our staff has one' suggested Ms H.
'I love T3s, I'm a big fan of Guzzis, but it won't enjoy plodding along with the Enfield. Guzzies are only really happy loping along at eighty to ninety when they come into their stride and seem to make some kind of sense,' I protested. Again.

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